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Player projects

SuboptimalAnalyze Turing Complete Profiles and ScoresGenerates leaderboards from the API on this website
MegaInglogic_nodesLoads game saves and simulates them in Python. The plan is to use this to generate standalone programs.
EndershadowTuring Complete Dynamic AssemblerThis program is designed as a more performant assembler for the game Turing Complete than the built in assembler. It works by having you define each instruction group and how it maps to a binary output. This is then used to parse a text file you provide the program and it then will write the compiled data into the game's directory so that it can be used by the computer you designed within the game.
FakeNeo, danielrabLeaderboards
Vincent_convert.pyConverts an mp4 video file to uncompressed 80x24 video frames for use on the console component in the game.
AbelianGrape, Endershadow and MegaIngETC.ACommunity architecture designed to be extensible, practical, and educational.
MegaIng, Logxentc-to-verilogConvert game schematics to verilog.

The leaderboard API

The following APIs are in CSV format: - Server id to username relationship - Server scores (user_id, level_id, nand, delay, tick, score_type) - Meta data for levels (enum_number, enum_id, title, is_architecture, no_score). The order here is the same as on player profiles.
Score types are as follows: 0 best sum 1 best nand 2 best delay 3 best tick

Save editing

I also maintain a library for players to parse and save circuit data:
Save Monger